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Green Solar Finance

Green Solar Finance is the premier provider of renewable energy development, finance and asset management with over $800 million in renewable energy and utility grade power financing commitments to date.

We make projects work through our pragmatic finance and power expertise combined with our extensive network of strategic industry players, sponsor and tax equity investors, financial institutions, developers and financial intermediaries.

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Our Approach

Our success in making projects work stems from the industry experience and knowledge of the Green Solar Finance team.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of each project through energy industry, engineering, utility grade operational, risk management, and strategic and legal knowledge to supplement our unparalleled depth in structured finance and renewable energy grants and credits. Our financing goes beyond optimizing the structure to achieve the most favorable market returns for all project participants. Green Solar Finance enhances developer, investor and lender reputations in the industry by ensuring the long term success of renewable projects.

Critical elements of our success include:

  • Utilization of a proprietary 30 year database of the cost, price and output of U.S. power markets
  • Financial models and expertise that optimize tax, SREC/other benefits, investment and debt structuring to utility grade & financial institution standards
  • Identification of optimal projects, markets, locations and technology providers that meet power and financial institution investment standards
  • Accurate assessment of the project risk/reward parameters & investment/operational conditions
  • Ability to obtain competitive materials prices in coordination with partners
  • Proven partnering with project developers, strategic investors, investment funds and financial institutions

Our Programs

We offer five specific GSF Programs tailored to meet the needs of developers and installers in the renewable energy industry.

  • GSF Residential Program: The GSF Residential Program is a streamlined master finance program to fund residential solar photovoltaic projects. 
  • GSF Commercial Program:  The GSF Commercial Program is a streamlined master finance program to fund commercial distributed generation solar photovoltaic projects, including for-profit businesses, nonprofit entities, municipalities, schools, and state and Federal agencies. 
  • GSF Small Utility Scale Program:  The GSF Small Utility Scale Program offers project financing for grid-tied solar photovoltaic projects with a utility off-taker. 
  • GSF Project Finance Readiness Program: The GSF Project Finance Readiness Program prepares clients to successfully commercialize renewable energy products and projects in the context of a financing.
  • GSF Supply Chain Procurement Program: The GSF Supply Chain Procurement Program provides materials procurement programs that optimize price, delivery times, financing and quality that meet investor standards.

Our Team

The Green Solar Finance team is led by Kathy Marshall and David McGann and is comprised of professionals who average 25 years of experience in the finance and power sectors. Green Solar Finance draws upon a broad range of senior level relationships with strategic industry players, private and tax equity investors, financial institutions, developers, financial intermediaries and energy engineering and construction providers. Our team offers Green Solar Finance clients extensive utility and commercial grade generation and financial expertise to ensure the operational and financial closing, as well as the long term success of our projects.

Our Experience

The Green Solar Finance team members have successfully advised and closed financings for solar and other renewable businesses as well as traditional power companies, providing our clients with unparalleled experience and access to all the key players in the industry. The $750 million in solar financings by our team includes over $400 million in solar pipeline programs and in excess of $350 million for solar projects. We have also completed financings for other types of renewable energy including biomass, wind and waste conversion. In traditional power, our team has advised many major U.S. and foreign utilities and power companies. This excludes the billions of dollars in transactions we have closed outside the energy sector.

Qualified Partners

Qualified partners of Green Solar Finance are renewable energy developers, installers and manufacturers that focus on residential, commercial and small utility scale projects, a minimum portfolio financing size of 10 MW and power production agreements with investment grade or investment grade equivalent residential, corporate, municipal, federal or non-profit entities as well as utilities as energy off-takers.

Green Solar Finance generally works with renewable energy developers, installers and manufacturers with experience, a strong balance sheet and projects requiring financing.  Green Solar Finance invites qualified partners to contact us for our services by clicking on the link below and completing the inquiry request.


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